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MS.Demon SD-1 + SD-2

I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be Capacitor hell. Last night I pulled out the MSD SD-1 IEEE/IEC floppy for the BBS. The main PCB looked fine, with only a few caps… …

HD Purgatory 2020

I cleaned up the Lab, threw out a pile of stuff. Over the years I collected 18+ USB enclosures — bulky, that burnout and most are USB2.0 and below. I stripped out the meat and …


Next device in the lineup is a CBM8050 dual drive (512kb per drive). Commodore drives are assigned drive 8 as their default. As soon as you have more than one drive you either flip dips …

Merry Christmas 2019

A quick and fun PETSCII animation for Christmas 2019. I loved the Commodore Xmas Demo, it was always on in the our house for the season when no one else was on the machine. I’ve seen a couple posts and commentaries about how that Demo was the first released C64 demo. Merry Christmas!