Get Schwifty New Serial GLink232T UP9600 +Tools!

Get Schwifty New Serial GLink232T UP9600 +Tools!

Let’s start off with how much pain the c64/128 was with serial communications in the day. If you had a 1670 or something in the 300 baud trash connection.. it didn’t matter — you were happy and everything worked. I ran a BBS off a 1670 for a long time. Then someone released a 2400 baud modem, you needed some kind serial interface and a cable — the cable thing was a disaster in all computing. I’ll be brief — there was soo many issues to get a proper connection working at a speed faster than 1200/2400 that some people went back to smoke signals.

I’ve begun testing a serial gateway device/program I’ve been working on, so I need to test on a variety of hardware. GG Labs have been pumping out various serial devices, based off of classic devices with additional options.

GLink232T (Clear Case)
It’s an expansion cart, that handles crazy baud rates through its 9 pin serial connector. Previously, the serial port and devices were connected on the left side of the c64 but not this one (and Swiftlink Cart, blue one in the pic). Right now I am doing tests with him and he’s running in Swiftlink mode as most of my software is Swiftlink compatible. I’ll be updating the page as I go through the tests and figure out how to get this guy to hit 203400 baud…
Below is the full details:

Back to connecting on the left side, there is this little number that can emulate the VIC1011 serial but where’s the 9/25 pin serial port? This one talks through a USB virtual comport on a PC. As most of us are using the c64 serial to gateway out to a Telnet host, this skips all the in-between steps. The next important benefit is, supporting 9600 baud though the UP9600 driver. This was pretty easy to setup and takes all the *fun* out of the cable nightmare 🙂 The unit I have has such a tight connector I needed put the c64 onto my lap and use two hand to jimmy it off the machine. Tight yes, handle on the back next revision, please 🙂
Below is the full details:

T232 – Simple DB9 RS232 monitor and breakout board
Everyone has a kit bag in case you time travel back to 84 and would want to take over the world. *cough*
I would put the T232 in that bag. It would be the serial argument ender, much like cell phones and google searches help keep mundane arguments down about when x happened to y. Really, this is a serial monitor with LED’s on it. I have bins and bins of unmarked serial (and other cables pretending to be serial). In the day even if the box/bag/label said Null Modem or Straight through serial — it often wasn’t. Then there is format (9<>25) changers, gender changers and completely different looking serial (Cisco ASA anyone?). So when you hookup COM X to CABLE? to GENDER CHANGER? to MODEM or PC and nothing works right,or even worse it works intermittently. When speed goes up, cables need to be proper — just because you got 2400 baud out of something doesn’t mean that cable worked. People who bitch about USB need to spend a day doing DTR/DCE and that will end that. This lovely device saves time and hair, it is fun for the whole family.
Below is the full details:

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