On the Case and Extending it :)

On the Case and Extending it :)

To start, I’ve been using a Zoom Floppy for years now — a bare board dangling beside all the IEEE gear. I’ve been meaning to make a case, but as it happens someone else in Canada is doing it already. Take look over at corei64.com. The case is a 3D printed, available in a variety of colours. The printing artifacts on the zoomfloppy case bug me a little, but other than that the case is perfect and much needed.


Another project needs some cartridge port direction/extending. They also make a variety of extenders/direction changers. These feel great and are tough. Not many aftermarket hardware has this kind of solid feel to it.I bought two types Upcart and Upcart 128.

I mounted my Buscard II in a Xpander 3.. which is bad news for the pcb strain (with IEEE cable hanging off of it).. I could mount it at the end of the Xpander3 but my setup is pretty cramped. Instead One of the UpCarts and the flip over the Buscard gets…

I know there are few people wincing out there..

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