C64NIC+: More Networking Fun on the C64

C64NIC+: More Networking Fun on the C64

C64NICI was thinking about making a modem file, or hack part of Darkstar BBS to work as Telnet BBS. When I started working with this device, I noticed Leif Bloomquist was working on a network game for the C64. I began thinking of trying to test out burning some ROM’s for this device. I pulled out my trusty EEPROM burner and found out — my laptop doesn’t have a parallel port! Shhessh. I tried various LPT-USB adapters and nothing works. Hmm, maybe I’ll bother someone with a more modern EEPROM burner.

But the idea of a network game seems pretty awesome, I’ve noticed Vice has a networking config… hmm.

Anyways, maybe a mini-mmo type dungeon crawl game might be fun.

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