C64 NIC: Networking on the Commodore 64

C64 NIC: Networking on the Commodore 64

I have a few of these guys in a box, mostly for a long term project that I have been working on. I haven’t had much need for them in the last while as VICE has great networking support.

Lately, it has been crazy fun doing TCP/IP communications with the IP65 networking stack. It’s definitely the way to go for making games that need updates from time to time. Write a bootloader that fits in ROM, place it in the socket and off you go. Yes, there are issues with a ROM update later on and that you need to have internet access to enjoy the software. Oh well, it is a connected world.

One of these guys needs to get crossed with a 16 MB REU. It would be a pretty awesome combo. But for now; this thing is still great.

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