PET4032: New PET, Amazing Condition…

PET4032: New PET, Amazing Condition…


Really lucky, this 4032 Big Screen Model is in such good condition that I had to really look for a scratch. Opening the inside was a surprise compared to my 2001. It was clean. Close to spotless. The keyboard needed some elbow grease, which took all of 30 minutes of pushing keys to get them going.. well the space bar needs a little work.

Hooked up an SFD SD1 and tested the ports, everything works great. Miner on the PET is awesome — still amazed at the condition of the machine, its in better shape than the one I used in school years ago. I didn’t know there was a kickstand inside the case 🙂

The board is one of the FAT40 types, which means it can be bumped to a 8032. 32k of RAM is an upgrade from my 2001. I’ve always been used to metal case PET’s, this one is a plastic and I like the feel of it.

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