MMC Replay: RR-NET MK3 Upgrade

MMC Replay: RR-NET MK3 Upgrade

MMC Replay gets a powerup 🙂 I ordered a batch of equipment, from 2 RRNET3’s and a Chameleon docking station. My Chameleon, for some reason died! And after a few days of back and forth emails with Jens, it got shipped back to its maker. The other RRNET3 got installed in my MMC Replay (on the left). I’ve almost lost a few fingers in the process of cutting through the plastic to make the LED’s and NIC port accessible. I’ve had access to proper tools to make plastic molds and cart cases, but the hack method definitely is a little more pleasurable.

When I got this cart, I had one of those Back to the Future moments — where I wished I could send this guy back to myself circa ’84. Just be able to load everything you have on an SD card is awesome. I like doing dev work with it, but the SD card I was using was starting to warp a bit from continuous inserting. So, move over SD Card and use NIC/TCPIP.

It’s not an obvious process, but I’ve done a lot of networking and related hardware in the past. There is only so much resources that this device can have on board and then rest has to be played out by software. I ended up using the last slot on my MMCRR  and flashing the BIN for “The Final Replay V0.8”. Just loading the BIOS isn’t enough, you need to modify the BIN using a setup to give it an IP and the server IP. Works! As you can see below:



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