Amiga + Gotek Floppy Emulation

Amiga + Gotek Floppy Emulation

GotekFloppyEmuWell, the Gotek Floppy has been running relatively well. I dragged a bunch of ADF’s over to a USB stick (with the menu ADF) and it was pretty much working.

I wish the drive face was at least the right size, to fit flush with the enclosure.

I’ve noticed a few problems here and there with some images; also when there isn’t a USB mounted you get a dead icon on the screen for drive DF0. I’m testing a variety of floppy images to put it through the paces. I’ve even made a 3.x Emergency ADF and mounted it.

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  1. rootboy

    I finally got mine working after downgrading my USB stick from a 32GB to a 4GB stick. The only 4GB stick that I could find was a “Hello Kitty” one. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…

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