Turbo Chameleon 64: Update Woes

*** Fixed with Update Beta 9C 🙂 ***

After a getting my TC64 back, everything was working great. The new firmware came out and I used the update.prg on small SD-Card to update the firmware. Post update, the cart isn’t responding properly. Even after multiple updates via Chaco on multiple computers.

I copied these files, over to an SD card.

I noticed some garbage on boot, so I held down the space bar — this is what I saw. Notice the garbled letters on the left hand side and the 0’s showing up in the bottom area.

If left un-attended it ends looking like below. The text at the bottom is garbled and it just freezes here.

I didn’t record images of the actual update process, but it reported everything was good and to press a key to reboot the cart. Which I did.

I connected the cart to a PC, opened CHACO and the cart was available. Closed CHACO and I ran the update.exe from the PC. It updated without problem, reporting no errors and the device rebooted to a core (0?). But when hooked up to a 64 or to VGA with/without a docking station same images as above.

I downloaded another package, in case there was a problem with the files (maybe they got corrupted etc). The same process from the PC. Of course I can’t update from C64 mode as it doesn’t get past the boot loader.

QNAP TS-509 Pro: Ram upgrade

QNAPRAMAfter a batch of upgrades software wise, my NAS was starting to gag a little. Then some hardware issues (one of the RAID members SMART status starting complaining) I decided to do some upgrades after disk replacement was successful.

The NAS had 1GB memory, which has been great for the last while — but after some media transcoding and mp3 sync software started bogging things down (their RAM caches). I checked the RAM type and the results of a few others who did the upgrade.

The ram itself is actually quite common if you have some older generation HP laptops around. DDR2 667 SO-DIMM’s were in a few machines that I’ve been keeping around for spare parts. Popped out 2 x 2GB DIMM’s and NAS is really happy. Boot times are faster and the management interface is really moving better. Most of the applications running on the server are JAVA based and it has taken a larger share of RAM than it had before. It’s happy, I’m happy.